Learn About the Course

Why we made it, why you should take it

What You'll Learn:

  • You will build a strong foundation of knowledge on how money works, which will set you up to make solid financial decisions in your life which over time will save you thousands of dollars

  • What debt is, how to manage it, how to avoid it, and when to use it to accelerate your financial growth instead of just being stuck on the treadmill

  • How to properly budget and plan, which will empower you to grow your worth steadily, predictably, and effectively

  • Various options to grow your wealth to prepare for short, medium, and long term goals as efficiently as possible

  • You will become familiar with financial terminology and processes so that you will be ahead of the average person when it comes time to make big financial decisions

  • Ultimately you will build the mindset of a wealthy person, which will drive the financial decisions you make every single day

  • The information in this course can be found for FREE online. This course simply lays it out in a logical order and explains it to you in terms you can understand

Course Features

Enrollment includes unlimited access to the course, as well as:

  • 13 Chapters, around 10 hours of instruction

    With a total completion time of around 15 hours, this course provides assignments, quizzes, and self evaluation to reinforce your learning

  • Reference Sheets

    Included in the lessons are reference sheets, resource links, and lessons on how to use them. You'll walk away from this course with some tools to keep you on track.

  • Community Discord

    You will get access to a community discord channel to discuss course content, assignments, and to bounce idea off of like-minded peers.

See the Curriculum

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About the Instructor

Course Creator Dan Poirier

Hey there, my name is Dan. I'm 30 years old. I've been around the block and done a few things. I've been a volunteer firefighter, a forest firefighter on a helitack crew, a paramedic, a structural firefighter, a guy who surgically removed eye tissue for transplant, and most recently a training officer. You might notice that none of these things seem related to personal finance. I am not a financial advisor, or an accountant, or a CFP. What I am however is a highly motivated guy, with quite a bit of experience teaching firefighters, and a huge interest in personal finance. I have had a lot of success in my financial journey, but with that success came years of struggle trying to learn all of the things that I feel the public school system failed to teach me. Whether that was the school system's fault, or my fault for being a bad student when I was a kid is up for debate. Regardless, the aim of this program is to use my plain english, rough around the edges teaching style to shave off the years of struggle I had to go through in order to speed up your process of learning a lot of what I know today. I am known to get a little fired up about topics that I'm passionate about sometimes, but my approach to teaching has always been one of positivity and encouragement.

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